Our Brands

Advertising Agency and
Freelancer Network

Previously known as Creative Agents Office Ltd., we have operated under the name Advertising Agency ”Pieni Idea”. We provide our services as accessible marketing support and specialized experts in marketing and communication projects.

Ecological online store
for consumers

Ideabutiikki Ltd. operates as a consumer online store founded by Heidi Uskaure and Ninja Renvall during the COVID-19 pandemic. From Ideabutiikki’s selection, you can find an ecological gift and home decor products. Ideabutiikki also participates in various trade fair events throughout the year.

Plywoord products
with your brand

Unique and environmentally friendly additional sales products are born from the will to do what excites us – for those who work passionately with their brand. We are inspired by Finnish nature, folkstories, fells, forests and starry skies. Can we fly with Kuukkeli to say hello and get inspired by your brand?

Writings about Entrepreneurship and Understanding

Heidi Uskaure, the founder of Creative Agents Network, completed a Business Coaching degree in 2022 and changed to a healthier lifestyle in the same year. Since then, she has been writing a blog and sharing her thoughts from various perspectives.
Note: The website is available only in English.

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